A brief history of Munshiganj Paurashava
Today's Munshiganj District is a part of Bikrampur, the glorious place of ancient Bangla. Munshiganj was a village at that time which was previously known as Idrakpur. It is said that during the Mughal ruling in this Idrakpur Village there was a man named Munshi Haider Hossain. He was appointed as Fauzder by the Mughal rulers. Idrakpur was named as Munshiganj after very honest and benevolent Munshi Haider Hossain. In 1845, Munshiganj was developed into Police Station and Mahakuma for the Indo-British administrative benefits. On 1st March 1984, Munshiganj was transformed into District.

Munshiganj is not a plain land. Some areas of it are high enough although there is no hill in the district. As most of the areas of Munshiganj are low lying most parts of it go under water during flood.

Munshiganj district lies in 23° 29´ to 23°45´ north latitude and 90° 10´ to 90°43´ east longitude.

The climate of Mnshiganj is equable. However the number of humid and pollution free zones are also huge. The climate of this locality is undergoing changes in different seasons. Munshiganj is mainly the rains based land. During summer, many areas of the land become waterless. It is mainly storm-rain prone area. The intensity of cold during winter is not so intense like other places of the country. The area lies in the moderate zone.

To the east of Munshiganj Daudkandi of Comilla Zilla and Homna Upazilla, Matlob Upazilla of Chandpur Zilla which is divided by the Meghna flowing across Munshiganj district. The Padma divided Shariatpur and Madaripur to the west. In the north Companyganj of Dhaka Zilla and Dohar Upazilla and Bandor Upazilla of Narayanganj Zilla. The Padma is to the south and Shariatpur Zilla is situated opposite to it.

Gazaria – 130.92 square kilometer, Louhajong – 130.12 square kilometer, Munshiganj Sadar – 160.79 square kilometer, Serajdikhan – 180.19 square kilometer, Sreenagar – 202.98 square kilometer, Tongibari – 149.96 square kilometer.

The Padma, the Meghna, tiny Brahmaputra, Dhaleswari, Ichhamoti run through Munshiganj Zilla.

Idrakpur Fort, the mosque of Baba Adam Shahid, vita of pondit Otish Dipankar, Dorga of Hasara, Rampal Dighi, vita of Raza Bollal Sen, Dighi of Harish Chandra, residence of Raza Sreenath, residence of Sir Jagadish Chandra Basu, Dighi of Kodal Doa, Mawa ferry ghat .

Literacy rate is 45.80%.

Annual rainfall is 2088 Millimeter.

In January 73%, in July 83%.

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