A brief history of Munshiganj Paurashava
Munshiganj Paurashava is enriched with thousand of years. It is surrounded by mighty rivers the Padma, the Meghna and Dhaleswari. The soil of this district has produced many renowned figures like scientists, poets, writers, politicians, sportsmen, journalists, many famous scholars. Great scholar Otish Dipankar, Sir Jagadish Chandra Basu, former president Professor Doctor Iajuddin Ahmed are noteworthy among them. Munshiganj Paurashava is situated in the heart of Zilla Sadar.

Before 1965, it was known as Union Parishad. At that time Munshiganj Electric Supply was established to supply electricity across the city. The city had one main road only. Electricity was provided with lamp on every lamp post on this street and Munshiganj Electric Supply received bill @ Taka 3/= (three) only per month. One of the major tasks of the then Union Parishad was to provide mass security appointing night guards, security guards and maintain cleanliness of the city appointing sweepers. There was an arrangement of latrine service as sanitary latrine of the city was not available. The waste was thrown into a specified place from those service latrines by the cleaners. The owners of those service latrines had to pay service charge for this.

In 1965, the then Union Parishad area was developed into Town Committee. A massive over head tank was built to supply pure water in the city. But due to lack of massive awareness regarding health, people were unwilling to spend money to take water supply. The then Town Committee encouraged the city dwellers to take water supply by giving compensation and made an arrangement of water supply @ taka 3 (three) only per month. At present people are so conscious regarding health that they do not even think of using anything else instead of pure drinking water.

A canal and constructing about 30/35 wooden bridge were the main obstacle to the development of the city. The lion share of the development budget was spent to repair wooden bridge construct bamboo bridge to maintain communication smoothly.

After independence, in the month of January, 1972, Munshiganj Shahar Committee was developed into 3rd class Paurashava. The classification of Paurashava was done on the basis of development and economic power. At present Munshiganj Paurashava is now carrying out its activities as 1st class category of Paurashava. All previous wooden bridges and pipe culverts have been developed into bridges and wide road construction has been possible through filling the Jubilee Khal which is a milestone to the development of Munshiganj District. Earth made and semi pucka roads have been transformed into pitch melted roads. At night roads were enlightened tube lights. Now service latrine is no more, there is no cleaner in the Paurashava. Modern vehicles- truck, van, bulldozer have been introduced to remove waste materials. Despite these aspects, enumerable problems also increased in the city life. Arrangement of adequate drainage system is yet to build to remove rain water from the city. Day by day Town areas are increasing. In the meantime Manikpur Chak is filled with houses in an unplanned way. As a result problems with roads and drains have become difficult to be solved. New houses are being built to the south and west of Haraganga College. People will have to meet the same fate like Manikpur if they are not made aware about the implementation programs of roads and drainage system just now. Paura Engineering Department should come forward with time worth planning in this regard.

Who knows how much time it will take to run the only modern Shishu Park of the city though its construction work started 12 years back. Idrakpur Fort, the only antiquity of the city remains under Archaeology Department. It can attract the overseas tourists provided its essential reformation is made. At present Swimming Pool area of the city adjoining the bank of the pond of Fisheries have become the resort and people from all walks of life pass their leisure time in the evening. If Paurashava fails to run the Shishu Park, it can be handed over as lease for 20-25 years to any non-government organization to fulfill the long cherished expectation of the people. Paura Committee and Paura employees elected in different terms have been contributing greatly to the development of Munshiganj Paurashava since its creation. Those who are not alive but their workforce contributed immensely for increasing the facilities of the citizens of the Paurashava are as follows:

  1. Late Abdul Hakim Bikrampury, Chairman
  2. Late Khalequzzaman Khoka, Chairman
  3. Late Abdul Khaleq Master, Chairman
  4. Late Abdul Zalil Gazi, Commissioner
  5. Late Doctor M.A.Quader, Commissioner
  6. Late Advocate Idris Ali, Commissioner
  7. Late Maola Box Mia, Commissioner
  8. Late Ayin Uddin mia, Commissioner
  9. Late Hazrat Ali Gazi, Commissioner
  10. Late Babu Khogen Chandra Das, Commissioner
  11. Late Abdul Qadir Bepari, Commissioner
  12. Late Ahammod Hossain, Commissioner
  13. Late Alauddin Ahmed, Commissioner
  14. Late Jalal Uddin Ahmed, Commissioner
  15. Late Sirajuddin Matbor, Commissioner
  16. Late Abdul Khaleq Bhuiyan, Commissioner
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